Destroy all targets and advance to the next area! Play again and try to beat your times!


Move forward: [->] or [D]

Fire gun: [<-] or [A]    ***hold and release to fire a charge shot***

Pause:  [P]

Restart: [R]

Move camera vertically: up/down or [W]/[S] keys


Andrew Mischenko - Programmer

Brianne Almalvez - Artist

Joe Hanna - Artist

Maxwell Brady – Designer, Sound

Rebecca Akli - Music

Robert Flores - Producer, Design, Sound

Special thanks to Reddit user jzayed for the glow shader: link to post,  link to GitHub


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This was an unexpected little treat! I love the idea of subtractive game design and building around the intentional lack of mechanics. It was really fun learning the movement and trying to get a hold of it, though the two level length was a little disappointing. Keep up the great work!


Thank you for the feedback! Our team created this game as a class project, so we decided to narrow the scope to just a few levels and focused on refining them. Now that we're free from class deadlines, we are planning on creating more levels!